The Process – Interior Design


Tender/ Builder selection or Project Pricing

When we have the completed Construction Documentation, we can recommend a builder to price your project, or we can hold a project tender. A project tender involves three to five builders who price the project and provide us with information such as possible start dates and estimated timeframes.

The builders have up to six weeks to formalise their pricing and submit their completed tender. We will assess the tenders and present them for your consideration. We can request further details as required.

Clients often use this time to reduce the scope of works or change certain aspects of the project before the construction contracts are finalised. Changes made to the design at this stage are not included in the quote fees so an hourly rate will apply.

Contract administration/ construction assistance

Once the construction documentation has been finalised, we advise you to make as few changes as possible. Once any final changes have been made, we will move to prepare the contact documentation. Most builders prefer to use the standard construction contracts prepared by the Master Builders Association or the Housing Industry of Australia. If you have a preference, please let us know during the tender stage. We will arrange a time for you and your builder to meet in our office and execute the documents.

While your home is being constructed, we will manage the relationships involved in the project. All the communication will be handled by us, allowing us to oversee any changes in details, design or cost. During construction, we will:

·       Arrange regular site meetings – you are welcome to attend
·       Provide you with regular updates
·       Notify you of changes to costs as requested by you or as dictated by the site
·       Provide advice to the builder to maintain the integrity of the design
·       Assess progress payment claims and issue them to you upon approval
·       Assess all variations to the project cost as they arise, and issue them to you for approval
·       Monitor and record any claims for extension of time
·       Prepare and issue instructions to the builder regarding incomplete work or defect rectification
·       Determine when practical completion has been achieved, and request the Notice of Practical Completion

Once your home has reached Practical Completion, you are free to move in. From this date, the Defects Liability Period begins and we will continue to be involved with you until this period is completed to arrange for any defects to be fixed.

At the completion of the Defects period, our formal involvement with you will come to an end. We always enjoy hearing from past clients and look forward to hearing how you are enjoying the project we created together.