A Light Affair


It started with the need to replace a dishwasher, which led to a desire for a new kitchen and ended with a complete renovation of a traditional family home.

In a dwelling that housed dark, cold and disconnected areas an introduction of light and lots of it was a necessity. Where fragments of the sky are now boxed and reflect down onto Blackbutt floating floors and where walls once were are no longer. Converting these blocked off spaces with an open plan living area that brings the outside in with a 6m wide stackable sliding door.

Decreasing floor area to introduce adequate spaces reduced the overall footprint of this home. A passive house that changed in functionality and added a new dimension on how the inhabitants could now interact within the walls.

Removing exterior structures allowed the introduction of a beautiful timber solar pergola which provides weather protection for the front door, shade during summer months, and vital sunlight during Canberra’s winter. A home that lets light in.


Photography by | Adam McGrath of HCreations