Residential Interiors

Residential Interiors

We believe good design should be accessible, to everyone. Our studio's purpose is to tailor our services so that all needs and budgets can be met. We can manage your project from inspiration, design through to completion to ensure you have the outcome you envisioned.

Our Process

Initial meeting

An initial meeting is recommended in our office or in your home to help determine your brief and desired project outcomes

Fee Proposal

After our initial meeting, a detailed fee proposal is generated specifically to suit your requests. It will include a break down of the design stages and their associated fees. Every project needs are different and therefore there is not one fee that suits all.

Pre Design

To commence your design work we undertake a site analysis and detailed measure up of the existing space which allows us to generate a current floor plan. We also use this initial meeting to go over your brief and confirm any additional information we may require.

Concept Design

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements we will begin generating new floor plan concepts. These will take into account all aspects of not only your requirements but the site, it’s context and desired lifestyle changes.

Following the presentation of the concept floor plans, we await feedback and develop the plan to suit your needs and obtain approval to move onto the next stage.

Interior Look and Feel

Once the floor plan has been decided upon we move into design development which entails our designers to generate a look and feel material concept. This is where all of our flooring, joinery surfaces, paint colours and bathroom tiles are selected and we obtain the sample pieces and create a palette for your new home. It enables the client to have an overall view of how their new or renovated house can feel.

Detailed Documentation

A number of detailed plans and specifications will be generated. Including but not limited to;

  • Demolition Floor Plan

  • New Floor Plan

  • Reflected Ceiling and Electrical plan

  • Finishes Floor Plan

  • Wet Area Details

  • Joinery Details

  • Interior Finishes, Fixtures and Fittings Schedule